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Farewell my fellow Volvo lovers...

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Well as some of y'all know I have been having some shifting issues with my 01 S60 T5. And with my negative equity situation ( me owing 6800 vs. trade-in 4500) i really couldn't see much positive in keeping the car other than the love i have for it. But I have to consider the fact that the cost to maintain it with 120k already on it is only gonna increase with age. So i decided on a new car since leases have to strict mileage limits. i can pay on for the first year and then my mom who desperately needs a new car too can assume the lease for me in a year or so when i move to New York. So this is my tear-jerker moment where i have to leave the Volvo family due to financial woes
I have to return to my Honda roots ( Civic to be exact) since it's more financially feasible. I do have plans to return to Volvo when the finances are in line
So i won't be on here much anymore. Ill stop by now and then and drop a few words of wisdom but I wish you guys all good luck with your future endeavors with your Volvos and cherish them because there really is nothing that compares to a Volvo
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Good luck man! Hondas are great cars, but home come you wouldn't want to go with an older Volvo like a C70/S70/850? You'll get the performance and luxury as an S60, but more reliable and less expensive?
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