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Far From DSTC & ABS

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Okay, I've been driving our Golf for the past couple of days. The Golf has about 200hp and a well upgraded suspension and it's been nice and dry so I've been hitting off ramps and curves with spirit.

Today, I drove the 240, and took a fun-to-drive back road route. For some reason the roads got wet suddenly where I didn't notice and I went into a curve a little too hot.

I guess I'm lucky that no one was coming the other way, because I locked up and slid across the oncoming lane. Luckily, I had the wherewithall to back off of the brakes and she snapped around before I went off into the woods, but holy cow did that get my adrenalin running and slow me down a bit.
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Hehee...welcome to tail-happy world of 240s. Glad that you are okay, though.
That's driving excitement!

Not too long ago, I came around a corner pretty hot in the rain - just as a U-Haul was pulling out of a gas station. I did a nice slide towards the driver's wide-open mouth, but I was able to find enough grip to get it stopped in time.

Once you get the feel of the 240s limits, it's very predictable and great fun to slide in the wet. But there are some (unexpected) occasions where ABS would be nice...
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I've done that a few times back when I had skinny tires. One time I was first in line at a left turn, on the outside of two lanes. As I make the turn we pick up a 3rd lane on the right, so as I'm most of the way through the turn I get on the gas and get almost completely sideways. I never hit the brakes, but as soon as I let off the gas it snapped back in line and then I realize I'm in the far right lane! Much like your situation, I'm glad there wasn't a curb.

Tires made a HUGE difference. Now I can downshift or accelerate mid-corner without fear of throwing it into a spin.
I'm certain the tires are part of the problem. Oh well, I'll be upgrading them soon enough.
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