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Faded black exterior plastic

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The door handles on my '97 T-5 have faded from coal black to dull gray. The bumbers and side moldings are looking a little faded too. What to you guys use to freshen up the exterior plastic bits and make them look new? I've tried Griot's rubber and vinyl dressing, and that makes them look nice for about a day but then they look faded again (I don't think it soaks into the hard plastic the way it soaks into rubber). Griot's also sells some stuff with black dye in it specifically for faded black plastic. Anyone ever try it?
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I dont have an answer for you
but Im having the same problem and would like to know if their are any products that will work like you said over a day.
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I have used silicone based tire dressing with much luck. Just don't get it on the paint as it will make any future body repairs difficult. (The silicone will cause problems with paint adhesion.)
Prospero: Any clues as to what that silicone-based tire dressing is called? I don't think I've seen it at Pep Boys.
Try using turtle wax, tire wax. It works great. You can also use black magic spray.
I have used Black Magic Tire Wet to restore the black plastic...

I use it for the first two times. After that I maintain with Mequires Vinal and Rubber treatment..... This was on the Black plastic bumpers on my older VW...

I think that I have the solution to your problem. What you need is a product called "Black Again", made by the American Oil Company. This is the definitive product for restoring slightly faded trim. There are many owners who seem to love this product. You many have to apply it several time so it comes out even.

Black Again, $6.95

If your trim is really bad, then I would get a product called "Forver Black" instead. It is a permanent dye that colors black plastic, rubber, and vinyl with the same polymers that the car manufacturers use. It is not a silicone dressing. It will not wash off and there is no oily residue

Forver Black, $12.79

There is another product that Mothers makes that is called "Back to Black" that might be good to try as well if you can find it easier.

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Responding to my own post: Tried "Bumper and Trim Reconditioner" from Griot's Garage (www.griotsgarage.com) on the door handles. Excellent results! They look absolutely brand new. Though you have to be careful with the stuff lest you smear it on the paint or over-apply. I dabbed a little bit on at a time and rubbed with a detailing sponge.
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