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Extremely sad alcantra tragedy

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Hey all, Happy New Year,

Mine is off to a bad start. Last night a passenger in my previously new condition '96 854R had a non-alcohol related vomit in the backseat. Can a trip to even the best professional detailer in town save my once perfect alcantra? If not, can I buy replacement seats from the dealer for a car that is 6 years old?


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Follow up:

After five hours of work, everything is all cleaned up. It was a nasty ordeal but it proved how resilient my interior is. Only remaining damage is some light small stains on some of the alcantra. Oh well, you can't have a perfect car forever.
Any ideas for getting rid of the lingering vomit odor? I Febreeze the areas daily and have those flow-thru baking soda things all over. My passengers and I greatly appreciate any help.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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