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My friend with the 740 decided this passed weekend that he wanted to take his exhaust off to see what it was like... First he took it off at the DP... that was... interesting... You would get a headache riding in it after 10min. Not sure if it was just the noise or fumes too (we had the windows open though). I have the iPd exhaust which comes in many sections. I decided to take off the rear half of the system just for kicks (i want more than basicly stock levels...) and WoW, WHAT a difference. It was almost perfect. Little to droany... and at high Rpms it sounded like a sand blaster. Today I put it all back on (except for the rear silencer) and its basicly the same as before just the "hidden" look with the tip basicly next to the rear wheel. I wish it was a little louder the way it is now, but oh well... I like the stealth exhaust look. One of these days when we get bored again I'll see what its like coming out the cat. Just felt like sharing...
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