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Exclusive Media Unveiling May 21; Volvo's Hi-Tech Safety Concept Car

NEW YORK, NY -- A car that detects heart beats. A car that reads fingerprints. A car that keeps occupants belted with four-point safety belts. An 'eyeball' sensor to adjust driver controls automatically. A car that communicates with your computer. And a car that gives you perfect view of the surroundings.

Volvo will unveil its first safety concept car in more than 25 years at the Peterson Automotive Museum (First Floor Lobby), 6060 Wilshire Blvd. (at Fairfax) on Monday, May 21 from 9am-5pm in the central lobby. Built around the human eye, the car employs cutting edge technology developed by Volvo and Ford Motor Company for safer driving.

Volvo's Senior Safety Engineer, Christer Gustafsson and Ford's Staff Tech Specialist, David Wagner, will also be on-site throughout the day for interviews and to give members of the media a ``hands-on'' opportunity to report from behind the wheel of this extraordinary vehicle that is certain to set new safety standards worldwide.

Visuals include:

-- An eye sensor that identifies the location of the driver's eyes and
adjusts the seat for optimal vision. After this, the steering wheel,
floor pedals and center console are adjusted to the seat, promoting the
best possible ergonomics and comfort.
-- Use of steel box construction and Plexiglas to enable the driver to
"see through" the A- and B-posts.
-- A new four-point seat belt configuration that provides better
protection in roll-over accidents and side-impact collisions.
-- Sensors and cameras embedded in the door mirrors and rear bumper that
alert the driver to approaching traffic in the "blind spot" and warn
about potential collisions.
-- Adaptive lights that monitor the car's road speed and steering wheel
movements and adjust lighting to conditions; also the use of infrared
light enhancer technology that improves nighttime vision.
-- Internet Capabilities: Two-way communication utilizing Bluetooth
technology makes it possible for the Volvo Personal Communicator (VPC)
to communicate with the car via a cell phone. The remote control unit
"knows" the distance to the destination, the current traffic situation,
average speed, fuel consumption, remaining fuel quantity and can be
programmed so that it informs the driver when it is time to resume the
journey in order to get to the destination at a given time.

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