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So I posted before about a VVT issue and vibration issue but I think these may be isolated from each other. Here's the problem: any time that my engine isn't fully warm on start up (about 60 degrees F and lower- the lower the worse), there is an idle that has extreme vibrations that go through the entire car. The steering wheel, part of the dash, seats and floor have a vibration that is embarrassing and annoying. The RPMs, which i thought was the issue due to a bad VVT/timing, I think is unrelated because I realized it's normal for higher RPMs in the cold to warm up the engine.

Could this be engine mounts? cold air intake?

Other symptoms include bad shifting and slightly faster acceleration with a cold engine. Also, whatever the weather, there is a weird noise that happens only once after every startup immediately after pressing the gas that sounds like a duck quacking (the best I could think of...) for a second. I'm thinking these has to do with the VVT but I figured I'd share just in case).

I've already spent $2500 in repairs this year alone and just want to fix this last thing and not have to worry about it anymore.
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