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Evolve Rear Spoiler

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I am interested in installing the Evolve rear trunk spoiler. I noticed it is installed by adhesive tape and was wondering if anyone has had any problems and how they like the Evolve spoiler vs the Volvo rear spoiler. I assume it is very easy to install if it just uses tape and what are people being charged to paint the spoiler?
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Well, it's supposed to be a spoiler, but I hit "enter", then noticed I spelled it incorrectly. I can't seem to figure out how to change the spelling of the thread title so maybe you know how since you are so smart?
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Re: (C130)

Sorry man, I just had to.

AMG used to hold the SLK spoilers on with 2 way tape ... never a problem. Lip style only mind you ... the Evolve piece should be fine. Just be careful placing it 'cause once it's stuck, it's stuck.

Shouldn't be more that 100 bucks, but if it is that much it would be because the body shop would actually have to purchase a whole (pint/gallon/whatever) of paint new and the material cost is high. Check with your dealer if they have a body shop. If they have your color in stock, it should be really cheap.
Thanks for the reply. It was driving me crazy when I noticed I hadn't spelled it correctly but it won't let me change the title, so I guess I had better do the spellcheck next time before I submit the post.
Re: (C130)

I can probably supply a few tips for the install if you haven't done one before.

First, make sure the trunk surface that will contact the adhesive is free of wax. I ususally strip it with a little alcohol (no jokes please

Then lay the spoiler on the trunk and line it up with the backing still on the adhesive. Take a roll of masking tape and place a few pieces in strategic spots on the TRUNK ITSELF (like each end and a few on the top at the edge) to use as markers, or a guide so you know EXACTLY where to place the spoiler once the adhesive is exposed.

Peel and stick.

Apply wax on the area to protect the paint you just stripped, and that should be it.
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Re: (Quick Brick)

Quote, originally posted by Quick Brick »
I ususally strip it with a little alcohol (no jokes please

In Soviet Russia, alcohol strips you.

(AS IF your plea for no jokes was going to work!)
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With the Evolve spoiler, must one remove the factory R spoiler?
I would imagine so.
I was wondering then same thing as my R has a very small spoiler, or at least that's what I think Volvo calls it on the rear lid. Does anyone know if the Volvo spoiler that's part of the Sport Body Kit bolt on and if so does it use any of the same holes that the factory spoiler uses, assuming the factory spoiler is bolted on as I haven't really looked to see yet? I may put on the entire body kit but wanted to see how the car looks with just the spoiler, either the Evolve or the Volvo.
the stock spoiler comes stuck on just pull it off. Mine broke when I did that so be sure before you pull it off it may break.
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