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evolve catback problems?

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So the evolve catback and the est catback are both on sale this month for abouth the same price $599, and I was set on the est because of the sale price. Now that they're the same price I need suggestions based on sound, quality, fitting, and has anyone had problems with either? Thanks in advance!
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Re: evolve catback problems? (SDS40)

I have the evolve on my R, I like it a lot, very nice sounding exhaust, its on the louder side though, I don't know what the S40 one is like, probably pretty comparable though
the evolve exhaust is, I think the best one for the S40 but there are some issues with it being a direct bolt on, which is not the case you will need a exhaust shop to fab some things for you

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Re: evolve catback problems? (SDS40)

I was able to install mine myself but it wasn't easy because the female end of the two pieces was not expanded enough. After I got it on it was kinda crooked and it bangs around a little over some bumps, all this said it is worth it because it sounds really good, if you like relatively loud
it sounds like everyone has problems with the evolve catback fitting correctly
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