Essen, Germany - Held indoors at Messe Essen and boasting official presence from more than 25 different brands, Techno Classica is best described as a Concours for the auto industry. In addition to Auto Show-style displays from each of the attending brands, Techno Classica is also a great place to buy and sell classic cars. This year, organizers anticipate that more than 2,500 classic automobiles will be crossing the various auction blocks scattered around the event.


Like all major industry events, Techno Classica includes a round of media days, as well as professional days and public days. When the doors are closed on this edition of Techno Classica, organizers estimate that over 190,000 visitors will have walked through the display halls. European contributor Roger Mecking was one of those visitors, and was kind enough to forward over some of the more interesting Volvo finds of the event.


The 27th edition of Techno Classica continues to see growth, with more than 1,250 exhibitors from 30 countries and over 220 classic car clubs displaying. With that many vendors, OEM support and such a wide array of display vehicles, Techno Classica is quite simply a must attend event for any car enthusiast.

To see more of Volvo from Techno Classica, check out our full gallery below.