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Friends with S40's and V50's!

Great news, our Exhaust SALE is back and we've got several options for your Volvo: https://www.eurosporttuning.com/brands/mototec.html

Available in Touring or Sport configurations, either system starting at $679 USD.

Pair it with a downpipe for your FWD S40/V50, which is also on SALE: https://www.eurosporttuning.com/autoparts/exhaust/downpipe/mototec-turbo-down-pipe-w-cat-t5-fwd-models.html

Unfortunately, we are not able to score sale pricing for the downpipe for AWD variants, but it is still fantastic value for the sound and performance gains. Available here: https://www.eurosporttuning.com/autoparts/exhaust/downpipe/eurosport-tuning-turbo-down-pipe-w-cat-t5-awd-models.html
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