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Press Release

Europolitan and Volvo Cars To Collaborate On Telematics for Cars

STOCKHOLM, Sweden - Navigation and safety functions that use the mobile network to communicate will become a matter of course for the majority of tomorrow's cars.

The systems can help with navigation, place an emergency call if your airbag is released, provide information about the roads or send an alarm to your mobile phone in the event of someone attempting to break into your car.

The first step in Sweden has been taken by Volvo Car Corporation. In collaboration with Europolitan, Volvo Cars plans to have safety services up and running as early as this year. In a few years' time, the agreement entails a potential of around 50,000 new telematics subscriptions per year.

The collaboration agreement between Europolitan and Volvo Personbilar Sverige AB covers telematics services for Volvo's cars. Europolitan's principal owner Vodafone - the world's largest mobile operator - recently launched a strategic partnership (23 February 2001) with Ford Motor Company, the owners of Volvo Cars, concerning similar telematics services developed for their customers.

Volvo Cars customers will initially be offered services that focus on safety. In the event of the car's airbag being released, the car will automatically place an emergency call and simultaneously notify the emergency service centre of its position. The emergency signal can also be activated by pressing a button on the car's dashboard.

Other services that can be offered via the telematics system include road side assistance, navigation, travel and traffic information, automatically recommending and booking a garage appointment when the car is due for servicing, and sending an alarm to your mobile phone if someone tries to break into your car.

As early as this year, Volvo Cars is planning to use Europolitan's GSM services to make telematics services accessible to Volvo car owners via equipment integrated in the Volvo car. In a few years' time, the agreement entails a potential of around 50,000 new telematics subscriptions per year.

``When the car has a dedicated communication link that goes straight to the vehicle's brain, this paves the way for our future service development, benefiting both car owners and car manufacturers,'' says Mikael Frostenson, Director of Europolitan's telematics business area. ``The fact that Volvo Cars is so far ahead in the development of safety systems for vehicles and chose Europolitan as its telematics provider is very exciting. And because Europolitan is part of the world's largest mobile operator, Vodafone, we will be the market's best option in terms of international mobile telematics solutions.''

Europolitan AB is a Swedish GSM operator with a license to build a 3G mobile network. The company's head office is in Karlskrona, Sweden. Europolitan is a leading developer of technically advanced services. The Europolitan Group comprises the stock market listed parent company Europolitan Holdings AB, as well as the subsidiaries Europolitan AB, Europolitan Stores AB, Ocom AB, Doberman AB and Mobile Relations AB. The Group has around 1,300 employees.
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