Polestar 2 today officially announced the launch price for its first full-electric, mass market car: the Polestar 2. Unfortunately, the prices were only official for its launch markets, but do give those of us this side of the Atlantic an idea of what Polestar has in mind.

Prices will start at 58,800 Euros in Germany, 59,800 Euros in the Netherlands and Belgium, 659,000 Swedish Krona, 469,000 Norwegian Krone, and 49,900 pounds in England.

Translating that into a US price is a little difficult because those numbers are all over the place, varying from the equivalent of about $50,000 to about $80,000. And as the variance suggests, translating prices across markets has to do with more than just exchange rates.

For reference, the Tesla Model 3 starts at £38,900 for the Standard Range Plus model, rising to £47,900 for the Long Range model and £56,900 for the top-end Performance model. In the US, meanwhile, the prices $39,500, $49,500, and $59,500, respectively.

And Polestar is very much interested in positioning the 2 against the Model 3. Speaking to us at a preview event in Toronto, Polestar’s Chief Operating Officer, Jonathan Goodman said that the company even admires the Model 3.

“I think the Model 3 has created the market,” said Goodman. “I think they’ve done a fantastic job, and I think it’s just great to have a car that offers the customers a choice.”

Like the Tesla, the Polestar 2 is being introduced at a mid-level price point before the base model is made available a year after launch.

Production is set to begin at the start of 2020 and Goodman says that we should expect North American deliveries to start in the summer of the same year.

Polestar will be selling its cars online but will have Polestar Spaces to help you with your shopping. These will be located downtown or in places where people shop, says Goodman, and should start opening at the end of the second quarter of 2020, so just in time for sales to start. 

These Spaces will be about 2,500 sq. ft. won’t have stock, per se. They will have cars on hand, but just for demonstration purposes, your car, instead, will be made to order.