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Alright, let's try this again... since nobody seems to click onto my threads relating to this problem. I can't blame anyone, this is the weirdest P80 issue I've ever dealt with, and I've been fighting with this car for MONTHS without a solution.

My ETM makes an awful whining/buzzing noise. It's not all the time, but it's pretty often. When the engine is idling, occasionally it'll just make a constant, pulsating (the tone changes, almost like a weak fuel pump sound if that makes sense) whine. I notice that when this happens, the ETS light and CEL will flicker while they are on in their test phase with the key in the on position. Neither light is illuminated otherwise.

VIDA shows codes ECM-6300 and ECM-6B00. Unfortunately VIDA craps out on me after literally a few minutes and I need to reinstall it regularly, and I can't get it going again, so I can't get any more info. Besides, the info VIDA shows for these codes is basically useless. All I can get is that they are for the ETS light signal too low and CEL signal too low, between the ECU and the cluster.

I've done all of the basic diagnostic checks, and as far as I can tell, the wires are perfectly find and not grounding anywhere. I have pulled out the entire main fuse box from the dash and checked EVERYTHING, I've pulled the whole ECU box multiple times, nothing is wrong. I have checked and rechecked my manual swap wiring and it's all fine.

The ETM itself is not a problem, this is the third one I've put in this car. The issue was still here on the original one, so it's not because I didn't do a software download.

It's also worth mentioning that sometimes the cluster will flash the word "disc" in the info display. It'll flash this on and go back to the normal display two or three times every now and then soon after starting the car. Sometimes it'll go all zeroes and eights like a test mode in the same fashion, not sure if that's related or not. Too much for me to process right now...

The only thing I can think that's not installed/working in the ETM system is the clutch pedal position sensor. I have it wired in, but no sensor connected since I can't connect it to my 850 master cylinder. I'm going to fix that eventually, but for now it should be no problem. I remember Andy mentioning he wasn't running a clutch sensor either, and he doesn't have these issues AFAIK.

The only sign I've found that shows that something could be wrong is that the ECU B41 wire (pink, ETS lamp control signal, related to the ECM-6300 code) that goes to the cluster shows battery voltage in KP2. It's supposed to be around 0 volts in key position 2, according to specs in VIDA for that particular ECU pin. At idle, it should be battery voltage unless the light is illuminated (it was not illuminated).

So, does anyone have any suggestions as to why there is voltage at this wire in KP2? I know this is a weird issue, but I can't think of anything short of the ECU having an internal fault on this circuit.

The car is my 2000 V70R, M56 swapped with a Hilton tune.
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