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EST Exhaust

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I have a Stock 2006 S40 T5 with OEm lowering springs.
Thats about it.

Would like to install EST Exhaust (On Sale) the Rear is stock too.
Would the Quad tips look nice without upgrading to a sprots body kit?

what do you think...
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Re: EST Exhaust (futuregeneration1)

The tips are rather large, I put the body kit on at the same time as I did the exhaust, and IMHO, the tips are just a wee bit to much as it is. With stock trim, they're gonna stick out a bit....

You could always get different tips welded on for cheap http://********************/smile/emthup.gif

PS. the exhaust sounds awesome btw. glad I put it on.

*EDIT* Wait, quad tips? What quad tips? EST's exhaust is dual.
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Re: EST Exhaust (greencow)

thanks for the reply, Yep quad tips. Actually it's on the sale page. but not available for our s40 yet.

What EST is going to do is to remove the 2 tips and replace them with a custom 2 tips on each side (2+2=4)

I will know the total price tomorrow (should not be over 700) with the upgraded tips.

thanks anyway... ill post pix next monday
Re: EST Exhaust (futuregeneration1)

I have some quad tips that I will be putting on my car in a while. Not sure on the size of ESTs but the ones I have would definitely require some trimming of the stock piece, I held them up to it and they are quite a bit wider than the one tip, which is to be expected since it is now two tips in the place of one. I like the look of quad tips on our cars, and they aren't played out yet. Post pics when you get it!
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Re: EST Exhaust (futuregeneration1)

Quote, originally posted by futuregeneration1 »

Would like to install EST Exhaust (On Sale) the Rear is stock too.

I sent you an IM

IMO the exhaust is great sound. Not loud at crusing speeds, noticeable at WOT. Fitting was perfect but with out the rear valace tips might stick out a bit.
Re: EST Exhaust (05T5)

Would advise not fitting the EST without a bodykit. I did and then fitted the kit as the tips looked huge. I don't have the quad tips but would expect they stick out the same amount. Mine's a Jetex but I'm lead to believe it's the same unit as the EST. The tip length isn't adjustable without cutting and welding.

Before and after pics attached.

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