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From my email...
From John Holtzapple; President, Volvo Club of America

eRolling 26 June 2012

(edited for forum compatibility)

Welcome to New Members and thanks to renewing Members.

Thanks to each of you who recently joined or renewed your membership in VCOA. We're encouraged in this economic environment that so many of you support your club and stand to reap the benefits, both financial and social, that it offers. We're continuing striving to bring more to this site, more value to being a member, and more activities for participation. Even though the traditional club model is diluted with social media and virtual assembly, there is no substitute for the printed Rolling, organized activities, bulk purchasing power that benefits all who ante up their dues - without dues - no club period!!

Volvo Technical DVDs

Just announced, DVD with Service manuals, notes, diagrams, notes, images are available for all series Volvos. Our first shipment was offered at Carlisle and at the St. Louis Meet which almost depleted the entire inventory, but another supply has been ordered and is available to purchase at a substantial discount for VCOA members on VCOA.org. Be sure to log-into to the site with your member ID and Password, otherwise you'll be presented with the retail pricing. Once logged in as a member, you'll see the discounted price. Separate DVDs for pre-1958, PV, 122, 1800, 140-160, 200, 700, 850, 900 series.

http://www.vcoa.org/marketplace?page=shop.browse&category_id=3 (five pages)

Car Club Network

A new video news service sponsored by Hagerty Classic Car Insurance is now embedded in vcoa.org website. There you'll find timely video from the auto industry and a special channel called "VCOA TV" where you'll find Volvo related video. Click the link below to see this new feature and view video from the St. Louis National Meet on the VCOA TV channel. Be sure to click on the "VCOA TV" tab.


How Many Volvos have been shown at the famous Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance in its first 60 years? Care to guess? Enter your answer in the member poll published at the bottom of the website home page. We'll publish the answer at a later date. Click to vcoa.org then log onto the site to see the poll.

Volvo Cars of North America Open House - Sept 29, 2012

VCNA and Volvo employees in Rockleigh have again volunteered to host an Open House for Volvo club members and Volvo Owners at company headquarters in Rockleigh NJ. Space will be limited, so pre-registration will be required for planning purposes. As soon as the registration process is finalized, we will pass it on - First Come - First Serve so you're encouraged to act promptly. vcoa.org


George Dill
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