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erabuni DTM groundeffects kit?

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I got ahold of just the front of this kit. It has never been my favorite as its so agressive and DTM racer looking. I actually wanted the other one, but I got it for 180 dollars of a kid. Anyway, has anyone used this kit. I would assume most who have, have the whole kit. What I want to know is wether this is gonna look rediculous. Is it gonna sit lower, or much lower than the side skirts. Thats my concern, I hate those cars that have a front that sits 4 inches lower than the rest of the car. Anyway, those who have this kit, let me know. If it does sit lower I may contact erubuni about getting the rest of the kit. I heard the back end of that kit is out of proportion with the rest, its not agressive enough, and it doesnt sit low enough. Anyway, let me know what you guys know about this thing. I hope I didnt make a stupid decision to get it.

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