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Enough about wheels already!

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Yea, I know, me again. Now that I know I have 14 inch wheels, not 15, if I were to go to a junkyard to find stock 15in 240 wheels, is grabbing a measuring tape about the only way to tell them apart, or is there a number or something I can look for on the wheel.
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Re: Enough about wheels already! (MenardVolvo)

6J x 15 x 20 is probably what you'll find on a 15" wheel on a 240.

6J is the width (6 inches)

15 is the diameter (15 inches)

20 is the offset (20mm, hub face is offset 20mm from the center line of the wheel).

740 alloys will be 6J x 15 x 25, and those will work (5mm difference in offset is no problem. 20mm+ difference IS a problem, and that's what you'd find on FWD Volvo wheels).
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