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4-2 Spring cleaning fever - decided to simple green the engine like I had done many itmes with various watercooled 80's and 90's VWs I've owned. Covered up the distributor and went to town....

Car started right up and ran fine around town but later that day I was headed out of town and stomped on it to get around highway traffic. Well it stumbled and sucked wind. It would not hit warp speed like normal.

Then check engine light came on and it was running rough. A quick call to my dealer and he said once I got where I was going I should remove the plug cover and look for water in the wells. BINGO....... ayup there was some water in 2 and 3. But with this blown out and dried off it still had this stumble.

It needed to go in for an oil change so I decided to have them do the 90K service a little early so we'de see what new plugs did for the problem....

They said all was well when I picked it up but as soon as I got in and pushed recall button on the boost gauge I knew this was too good to be true. They had only hit 12 PSI. So I leave the lot and romp on it - right away the problem is still there. The thing was dumping boost over 12. As long as you kept the throttle at medium it ran fine but anything more was a bummer.
Took the car back and took the chief tech out for a fast ride at 12 psi max. He felt the stutter sensation and power loss/plateau

I gave the go ahead for cap/rotor and whatever else related to the misfire. Turns out the two week old plugs were ORANGE? They did compression check all are fine at 165-170 and so they put on new wires. The cleared the misfire codes and went back out. I checked recall today when I picked it up and they hit 19 on boost so it was a good romp.

everything seems back to normal. I learned my lesson about engine washing Volvos. A $285 lesson.
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