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I was driving yesterday at 70 mph and got a warning the Engine temp was high and i should slow down. then it said to pull over. As i was preparing to do so, the warning disappeared. The outside temp was 84 .. and dropped to 78 as i approached Ventura .. where it is cooler than LA. These warnings lasted a total of maybe 20 seconds.

I continued driving for another 30 minutes with no difficulty. I cannot find any records of these in the messages in the XC60 T8 computer .. at least what i can access on the panel.

This happend in Feb 2019 on the way out of the dealership when they had replaced the thermostat. the warning stayed that time. I stopped and called teh dealer and drove about 10 miles to them at 10 mph .. they did something that took about 15 minutes, and said all was well. The car just got out of the dealership a week ago (a different one) after a complete software update and replacement of the onboard charging system, so presumably , all was well.

I suspect this is a false alarm .. but, obviously, is worrisome ..

Any advice .. i would like to avoid another day off work and time at dealer .. but also dont want to burn the engine up ! ..

Thanks in advance

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