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Hello all!

I’m a Care By Volvo customer and this week I switched from an XC40 Inscription Pro B4 to an XC40 Inscription Pro T5 Recharge Plug-in Hybrid.

On the B4, when I stopped the car, put on Parking great, unfasten my seat belt and open the door, the engine was switching off and I only had to lock the car. I know it’s a feature some people don’t like, looking at the threads on this board but… I actually love it!

On the T5, no matter what I do, the engine will never switch off automatically. I have to manually push the Start/Stop :(
My dealer is not even aware that this function exist and was therefore unable to help. Called Volvo Support, they are not aware of this feature either and redirect me to my Dealer…

Any idea anyone?
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