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I seriously think for the amount of money time and effort your friend is going to spend, he will be better off hunting down a T5 850 instead.
These engines do not exactly have that strong of internal components. If your friend is thinking about some serious HP, he'll be spending away his kids college tuition. So, you probably would want to save those money on engine swapping, and trade in for a T5..then go from there.
However, if your friend will be doing all the labor himself, be my guest. That'll probably save a lot of money right there.
I don't really think you can easily take an auto T5 and try to put in the car a manual tranny from the non-turbo. I would guess there are a lot more things to watch out than a simple 'pull-the-motor-n-drop-in-another' process.
It's just the amount of work you would have to invest in doesn't really equate out to a worthy project. I just hope your friend will be getting some cheap labor rate for this project.....after what I have been through, I would hate to see another fellow brickster goes through this whole ordeal.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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