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Engine swap for my 240GLT

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I own a 1984 240GLT with a B230E engine.I intend to swap the current engine for a B204FT engine. what additional parts and equipment do I need to install the engine?(please include part no.)

What is the reliability and performance of the B204FT engines?

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I'm going to relocate this to the 200-series forum as I think you're more likely to find your answers there.

You need the B204FT engine, including all accesories, manifolds, turbo, intercooler, the engine computer, the engine wiring harness, and the fuel pump(s). You should try to have the donor car nearby to get other small parts that you may need, like the fan shroud, coolant overflow bottle, and other relays & electronics. I don't know exactly what you will need because I've never done an engine swap like this, and the United States never used either the B230E or the B204FT, so I'm not very familiar with them. I do know that the B204FT made 200HP. You should be able to get 250-300HP with a 3" exhaust and more boost, but your transmission probably won't take that much power.

Other sources of information may include:
www.badbricks.com (they have a mailing list that you can join and use to ask questions)
www.turbobricks.org (they have a mailing list too, and a message board)

Good luck.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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