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My XC60 D5 is doing great.
70000k and nil major issues.
It's My Merc. engine lights comes on about once every few months. Goes away after few turn off the ignitition 3 times as per the manual.
That was checked by the dealer 2 times and they replaced few "faulty"sensors etc but the problem still occurs sometimes.

My brother told me recently little black smoke when I accelerate hard he could see behind me.

Now, the only thing I can think of is I don't drive the merc for too long distances, like, 6 Km and back on most days. Sundays can be longer like 20 km and back, but no long trips.

Could that be the particulate deisel filter not having enough time to cleanitself? what is recoomendation for "long trip"to clean the particulate filter from experience?

I booked the can for service next week, the light is out now, I took for a little drive like 45 min yesterday, if that will fix the problem.
the car drives well, no issues.

Thanks for you thoughts.
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