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We've got 5 of the MS Design Aero kits left and would like to see them gone by the end of the month, so we are offering free Truck delivery to lower 48 states adresses. That can save you $200 to $400!
That's at the close out price of $895 ( these kits originally sold for $2400 and inlcude a front airdam, side skirts, rear skirt and dual outlet exhaust!)

Here's a a link to the kit on MS Designs website. (the MS wheels or other MS items are not available!)


Here's a link to a nice install covered here on the S60 forum.


Here's a link to order it off of our website.


Or for best chance of making sure you get one before they sell out, give us a call at 800-444-6473
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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