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I´ve had my S80 T6, 2003 for a little more than a year now, and during this
time it have had some problems with the Electronics.

Every time i do a Kick Down, at least one ignition coil breaks. I Think
i´ve changed 5 of them by now.

Also, the headlights goes brighter, and the fan inside the car goes higher
as i press the gas pedal.
No warning light is on, and there´s no fault codes on the electrical system.

Today i Went outside to measure the battery and the alternator, and got these values:

On battery_____________On alternator

Car Off________________________________________________12.3V_____________________------

At idle, with no Power consumers on_________________________14.6V_____________________14.4V

At idle, with Power consumers on___________________________13V_______________________12.2V

2.000 RPM_____________________________________________14.3V______________________14.3V

3.000 RPM_____________________________________________14.2V______________________14.3V

4.000 RPM_____________________________________________14.1V______________________------

It should also be added that it doesn´t want to stay on a specific RPM.
For example, if i put it on 3.000 RPM, it starts going between 2.000 - 3.500 RPM.

Could anyone help me, Before i´ll break Another ignition coil, or two?
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