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2011 C70. Bought 6-months ago with 108k miles and now has close to 120k.

Yikes...I shut my car off, pulled out the key and, the electric locks wouldn't open.
I put the key back in to see if I could re-start the car but, nothing. Now I couldn't even get the key back out
I'm in South Florida, 85F and I'm starting to panic that I won't be able to get out of the car or, maybe have to break the window :(
Power comes back on again in maybe 2-minutes.
* I went to Volvo and he explained that you can pull the handle twice to open the door mechanically. ( Glad I asked as I had no idea )
Volvo Service Manager explained that sometimes the computer has to recycle.
This has now happened twice morein about a 3-week time frame. The last time my wife got out of the car the passenger door wouldn't close because there was no power to lower and re-raise the window.

This is not only inconvenient but, embarrassing. ( I was arriving at a Dinner Show with my wife and found a parking spot right out front )
Has anyone else had or heard of this issue?
The Owners Manual says, New Timing Belt at 120k.
Should I take this as a sign that the Electrical System and/or Computer is getting ready to fail soon and I should just get rid of it before I put anymore money in it?

There is really no other car in this price range that interests me. I was planning on keeping it for at least several years or 300k miles. I love the car. The looks; Top up or down. The highway ride and comfort. The huge trunk for when I travel with equipment and of course the convertible. Although, I find myself putting it down less for short rides as the Hardtop Convertible repair stories scare the crap out of me.

Any advice is certainly appreciated?
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