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I recently got the electic block heater kit (31664097) installed on my V60 D4 AWD. The heater was mounted according to instructions at the back of the engine block next to a radiator-like component (perhaps oil radiotor). The system was filled up with coolant and engine heated ensuring proper air removing from the system. The problem is that after the intial heater powering, I noticed coolant level rising above the maximum in the reservoir, which actually led to some liquid leaking out of the reservoir through a valve. The heater was left for a couple of hours, but every time coolant cap was unscrewed there was air reliased and subsequently coolant changed its color (became darker) with a smell of burnt. Apparently, there was some air introduced in the system, presumably by coolant boiling in the heater housing, but if that air remains there (if I don't unscrew the cap so that it goes out), isn't that risking to burn the heater itself (bad for the engine too)? Anyone with previous experience with block heaters having noticed this effect?
Thanks in advance,
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