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ECU Codes - Rough Idle

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Hey I'm having some issues with my '01 V70T5. I just replaced a faulty MAF sensor, it had been throwing a code for the MAF for some time now and I just finally bit the bullet and bought a new one. Now that I've changed it out, the car is starting rough (hot or cold doesn't seem to matter) and when it throttles down to idle it dips low and feels like it might stall. I'm beginning to think I might have ETM issues but I'm not totally sure.
I'm not getting any codes now that I replaced the maf and cleared the MIL and I've driven it about for a bit and the idle/throttle issues seem to persist.

Anyone have any ideas?

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Re: ECU Codes - Rough Idle (arls116)

well now i'm having more problems!!! the car was running ok besides the rough idle. Now I just got home from running errands and the MIL came on again. I parked the car and let it sit for 5 minutes to put things in the house. I went back out and tried to start the car to see if the MIL was still lit. Now the car won't start/hardly starts. I can get it to turn over and it idles really really rough and stalls out. I get no response from the pedal when i step on it. and I can keep the motor running for more than 30 seconds.
The ECU is throwing a code P0172 "System too rich" if that helps anyone...

I recently changed the plugs in this car too. I bought NKG replacements from Advance Auto parts and checked the gap on them to ensure they coincided with the manual.

This is no good on a sunday...

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Re: ECU Codes - Rough Idle (arls116)

Sounds either like ETM, or a huge air leak.
Re: ECU Codes - Rough Idle (arls116)

Hopefully they, whoever they are, gave you the correct MAF sensor. Make sure the numbers match. I've seen new ones bad as well so thats a possibility.

P0172 can go so many different places but I like to start at the repair that caused the issue. Were the Adaptions reset for teh ECU when the MAF was replaced? I've seen issues when this is not done. Its more than just clearing code data. See if your scanner can reset adaptions and give that a shot.
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