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econ/sport switch

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at what speeds is it not advisable to switch to/from econ and sport transmission setting?
the owner's manual says the car can be in motion when switching, but doesn't list any speeds.

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As far as I know the switch just controls the shifting points. So there shouldn't be anytime that switching it would be bad.
Basically it's a device for bringing gear changes higher or lower in the rev range.

So there's no speed at which you can't use it, though at speeds above 65, you'll be in top anyway so you won't notice it unless you kick down.

It was a real "hooligan button" on my 850 2.5 20V - and doesn't seem to spoil T5-R performance too much either, so don't worry you US hot Volvo owners.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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