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ECM Chip upgrade

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I would like some info on which chip is best for my car GIAC,WETT,IPD,or other for my 95 850 T5R. Some feedback from people who own one would help in my purchase. Thanks in advance.
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I know GIAC has a good reputation. I think Wett does too, but I don't know anyone who's done their chips firsthand.

We're about to send off the ECU for the Project 850R (going out next week), and I'll let you know how that goes.
I have had great luck with Garrett in the past on a few different custom chips for a highly modified VW 2.0 16V.

When it came time to upgrade ECU on our 850 I really never considered anyone but IPD. Why?? I'm still figuring that out.
Call me impatient ayup.

Keep in mind this was after owning the car only a couple days. When the ECU came back and a testin we a went I really had not driven the car enough to get used to the stock feel. With the IPD ECU and IPD exhaust the car does see more and longer lasting boost lights, I can tell you that much.

I've had a few run ins already from stop light and 50MPH area. Stop light wars are gonna take a long time for me to get used to the
1 thousand one 1 thousand two OK... now we have boost....
slow off the line from a dead stop.

50-100plus is more fun to me.

IPD would surely do a group buy on ECU and exhaust - I got my combo for 20% off current catalog prices. $1420 rings a bell. On a group buy I would go for 25% off a minimum of X# sets.
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I personally do not yet have a chip.
But, I have been doing my research, I am planning on getting one in a few months. It seems to me that the IPD/TME is the best. TME has been around the longest and has had time to make it better, they can also seem to charge $980 for it too
. For instance, it cuts the boost back right before hard shifts, in turn, less stress on your tranny. It is the little things like that that make me lean towards IPD. Then again, all the chips that I have found have almost identical hp boosts (40-50hp), but the PES is $330 cheaper. That is a set of sway bars. welp, got to run,
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Keep in mind that the TME/IPD chip also modifies the transmission's behavior for less torque in 1st gear. This is good for durability since 850 trannies tend to bake their fluid brown pretty quickly. Got flush?
I'd like to read up on the IPD chip. I checked IPD site but there were no real details on the reprogramming. Can someone tell me where to go look for specs.
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