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Ebay Downpipe Group Buy S40 C30 FWD

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I contacted the ebay seller that sells the S40 FWD and C30 Downpipes about a group buy and he offered the prices below. So if you are interested reply to this thread.
I will contact him once the group buy has ended, lets set it for April 25th right now, see what happens.
If you want a cat for this downpipe let me know, if there is enough interest I will contact some sellers of the Magnaflow cat about a group buy as well. I will use the same cat phuz used on his downpipe, they are like $75 on ebay.

Ebay link for downpipe.
The seller also has a website http://www.speedaction.net

$235 shipped for 10 pieces
$230 shipped for 15 pieces
$225 shipped for 20 pieces

Group Buy list:

1. SilverT5
2. genjy?

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Re: Ebay Downpipe Group Buy S40 C30 FWD (Silver T5)

WTF?! I emailed the dude over a month or two ago and never got a response. I asked the same thing about possibility of a group buy, whether or not they had any that would work with AWD or could be modified, etc. I'm definitely down if there is a reasonably inexpensive way to get one to work with AWD...

EDIT: I'm gonna kick his booty if he gives you a free one for heading the group buy.
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Sign me up.

I am not 100% committed, though.

I might need the money for mudflaps.
Re: Ebay Downpipe Group Buy S40 C30 FWD (carreragt7)

He responded that day. Didn't work out any details about me getting one free. Never though about that, can't see anyone going for that though.

The difference between the AWD and FWD is the pipe has a slightly different bend at the bottom of the car. It has to sit on the passengers (I think) side a bit more because of the driveshaft for the rear diff. I can't say for sure if it would be an easy mod to work for AWD or not.
Hey, my C30 has Mazdaspeed3 struts too.

I think only cool people with MS3 struts are interested in this deal.
Seems that way
Re: (Silver T5)

Have you posted this on c30world yet?
The C30world crowd is a bit picky about their mods.

I wouldn't want to be the one who post this on the site and get 1000 questions and comments about quality and such.
Re: (genjy)

I know there are other people on this forum who can attest to the quality of this product. Perhaps a little write up from those people will help persuade them?
I posted it at C30worldand I will probably post it at volvoforums and we will see what happens.
Re: Ebay Downpipe Group Buy S40 C30 FWD (Silver T5)

Could you inquire if the seller has/can make an AWD version and if he is willing to add it to the group buy? Might be a way to attract more to the GB...
The eBay DP is a copy of another DP... the original DP is FWD-only.
Re: Ebay Downpipe Group Buy S40 C30 FWD (Schnell40)

Even if they would make an AWD version it wouldn't work for the group buy. This GB is for a FWD DP, which is different then the AWD.
wished i had seen this a week and a half ago.... I already bought this dp....
No one else interested? I'm not even getting any hits over at C30 world or volvoforums.
AWD is all that is holding me back...even if it is just a copy of another dp wherever it is made appears to know how to do decent work so I am sure if they really had the demand or desire they could crank one out without any problems. Unfortunately there aren't a lot of S40s, let alone AWDs, to attract their attention...
Re: Ebay Downpipe Group Buy S40 C30 FWD (Silver T5)

Sad so Say but it seems to be a chinese copys of the down pipes, Also it has a V-band connection, so it would cost you to rebuild it to fit your original turbo. a original flange would cost you about $30+ welding.
I have talked to JT Tuning in Sweden and they are interested to take forward a 3" Down pipe with the right flange and a Cat for this car, i just need people to be interested in this product, i do mean 2 different down pipes, one for the FWD, and one for the AWD.
I need more then less 10-15 people to sign up for the 3"Down pipe to start a production of them.
I will Calculate a Price complete for the down pipe included a sport cat. 100% fitment and also usually it would come with an OBD wire extension for easy OBD2 fitment. with an order of 10-15 down pipes the shipping cost would be so much cheaper for United States per piece.

Vector Auto Tuning
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It is the correct flange to mount to the turbo. Why do you say it's a vband? There have been a few people that haveinstalled this DP with no issues.
The AWD dp and the FWD dp are different? I had an awd at the car yesterday but the funny thing is that it did nto have a drive shaft!

I though 2004.5-2008 s40, v90 and c30 all fit the same? Hmm?
Re: Ebay Downpipe Group Buy S40 C30 FWD (Vector Auto Tuning)

I'm interested, depending on the price. I just want a reasonably priced quality downpipe for an AWD.
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