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Here's a cheap, easy system I recently installed on my 03 and it is working well so far.

DEI SIRIUS One SV1 Car Kit Receiver (SV1) $39 at Circuit City. It fits easily in the cubby hole in the center stack. It comes with a tiny antenna that I stuck on the top of the dash with the magnet mount sticking it to one of the slim metal grills close to the windshield. The XC90 has such a large, raked back screen that I figured the antenna would do fine on the dash The plastic roof near the rear hatch makes an outside mount a little more complicated than most SUV's.

I snaked the antenna wire around the dash top and then underneath to the center hole and the radio. The power plug was routed to the outlet in the back of the console to leave the dash outlet free for cell phone. To clean up the wires on the center stack, I gathered the 2 wires with small wire ties, clipped the extra length to about half an inch which I stuck in the gap between the the center stack face plate and the side panel that are seat color. The install in not 100% factory clean, but better than most plug and play satellite installs. There may a similar small XM model. Just check the size specs and compare to 4" wide cubby.
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