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i figured this out on my own and this method seemed to work for me, use at your own risk!

things you will need:

compressor with regulator and blow gun with pointed nozzle
torx bit
small flat head screwdriver and wirecutters (for removing and installing factory hose clamp)
wide tape

most guides tell you to fabricate a giant PVC plug with a compressor fitting on it, I found this isnt at all necessary.

All you need to do is disconnect the small rubber hose on the charge tube that goes to the ETM with a small screwdriver if you still have factory clamps (sticking into the metal loop and twist until you can unhook the clasp)

stick the compressor nozzle into the rubber hose, if it isnt a good fit, wrap some tape around the nozzle until it make an airtight fit

remove the MAF from the airbox with the torx bit and tape over the opening so it makes a seal

some say to remove the oil cap, but I've found that the system wont build enough pressure to find leaks, just be sure you dont overcharge the system because you may blow an oil seal

but you can try witht he oilcap off at first

set your pressure regulator as low as you can... try at 5psi first if possible must be under 10 psi or you risk damage to oil seals

pull the blowgun trigger a few times to charge the system and check for leaks

reinstall rubber hose and hoseclamp with wirecutters
remove tape and reinstall MAF into airbox
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