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Since I know there are many members on here that live, work and frequent the eastern parts of Connecticut, I thought it would be worthwhile to see if we could set up a cars and coffee/talk shop/go for a fun drive kind of event.

October 3rd looks like a good weekend for it. Nice weather, before the Columbus day weekend shenanigans.


10 AM Branford Town Green/Common Grounds


Lots of parking and space to walk around. Good coffee too!



Rt 146 Lots of curves along the coast
Rt 77 up into the hills
Rt 80 east is pretty
Rt 79 to Rt 148 is curvy
Rt 154 & Candlewood Dill Rd back into Durham is scenic along the Connecticut and fun to drive

Theres a good ice cream place in Durham with a decent parking lot to make the end point.

Who's in?

Dates are flexible if theres interest but conflicts.

Hope to see people out there

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So it looks like there is some interest for this coming saturday.

Members that have shown interest/may be attending

ScottishBrick - S70 T5
S60 T5 Moosed - S60 T6 Rd
Hounddogger - V70 R
SonicBlueR - S60 R
S60rd - S60 Rd
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