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Hi guys,

Just joined here. Been lurking for the past couple of weeks as I am in the market for a new family car. Since our family is a stationed in England right now, I thought it would be the perfect time to get an OSD for a European 7 seater. The new XC90 definitely came to the too of the list.

As I am perusing through all the options, something I think we could use here in England is the air suspension. It comes STANDARD on all models sold in India, lol. I don't mind forking the money, though I can clearly see the concern for some in terms of maintenance and reliability.

My question is for those who has the air suspension, how much difference do you notice between dynamic and comfort? Is dynamic that much more aggressive? I don't mind a slightly harsher ride of the spring, but if you can really tell the difference between dynamic and comfort/Eco, then I might be tempted to for the extra 1800.

FWIW I did A/B regular audio vs the BW. While BW is awesome, the regular is no slouch either. Plenty of bass on either. But the BW came with more customizable EQ as well as a number of reverb options (Gothenburg Hall being the famous one). If you listen to a lot of classical, you'd definitely enjoy the BW. But for standard pop, rap, etc, you might not notice much difference. The BW had a bit better midrange clarity. But truth be told, it isn't that much different, not because BW is not good. BW is awesome. But the standard is no slouch either IMHO

Thanks for all your input

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