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We have the DVD screen on the ceiling of the 2nd row and it recently started acting up.
I put the screen down a few weeks ago but it wouldn't go back up all the way. It is automatically supposed to do this too; power DVD screen, not a manual screen.
After messing with it and leaving it be, when the car was started it reset and went up all the way. I left it up since we never use the thing but this past weekend my brother-in-law was in the backseat and started playing with everything and he put the screen down

It went halfway down and stopped and now it won't budge. It also feels loose to the touch as it gives a little back and forth but won't go up or down.

Anyone have a similar experience with theirs and how did you resolve the situation WITHOUT having the take it to the dealer? Like I said, we never use it and I don't want to pay a dealer.
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