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Excellent condition Dunlop SP Winter Sport tires
Size: 245/45R18
Tread wear:
- 2 tires have 95% tread
- 2 tires have 85% tread (probably more than that)

They have about 1000miles and were driven for 1 winter season.
I'm selling them because they were a little too tall for my Audi S6.
I just bought 35 series tires for my car and need to sell these. They were approximately $270 each from TireRack, but I'm selling all 4 for $525. Again...they are in excellent condition and if they fit another one of my cars, I would definitely keep them. They are fantastic in rain, snow and dry weather. They are also pretty quiet. Dunlop just came out with an upgraded version of these with a "run flat" option, but the overall construction and performance are identical. Here are the reviews:


Located in Brooklyn, NY.
Please email rockgin (at) gmail.com if you're interested or have questions.
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