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Originally posted by joe_flies:
I have many questions about the dual exhaust setup.
Yes, the 2.4T and T5 are both single turbo designs. It basically means the exhaust gases after the manifold through the headers are being combined. From that standpoint, the purpose of the dual exhaust does get lost. None of the Volvo S60 models come standard with a dual exhaust system.

I think that the main point of the dual exhaust setup on turbocharged Volvo's is to reduce backpressure like you stated. But the way that the Heico exhaust system is designed, it does not compromise engine torque because it is one pipe all the way to the muffler.

Check out the picture of the exhaust setup for the S80 T6. The T6 is dual turbo engine, but there is only a single pipe that goes all the way to the muffler. The second exaust pipe on the left, just comes from the muffler.

Pretty simple huh? The question remains, how much performance do you really get out of this design? This could be a case of form following funtion.

S.A.M. has a sport exhaust system for the new V70 that claims to give you 20 more horsepower. Although, this system is more complete and has a sport manifold downpipe, race cat, and sport exhaust from the catalytic converter.


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