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ok, I have an 03 XC with Haldex, I have no switch for DSTC or STC in my center console, I just have 3 dummies and the power outlet. When I was in the rain the otherday I got on it and got the yellow triangle with the sliding car in it to flash a couple times. I looked int he manual to read more about ti and it talked about spin control and how the car uses the ABS and how you cna turn it off it you want.

My question is this, since I don't have the DSTC or STC buttons, I'm assuming I don't have either, was that light just flashing to let me know the Haldex was engaging?Or is some kinda traction control engaging the ABS?

Also am I right in that under normal conditions it has 90/10 split front to rear and when one wheel turns 1/7 faster than another it transfers more? I've looked for information but found myself swiming in other stuff I ddin't need. Any help is appreciated.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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