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Originally posted by The_one_n_only:
Alright, this BMW Car Club of America one is supposed to be one of the best bang for the bucks driving school. More info is listed on the site below.

I tried to make it few yrs back, but didn't work out and I had to cancel it due to some school work.

Let me know if any of you guys would like to join.
NIIIIIIIIIICCCCCE!!! I would be game for either the August or September dates...anyone else? Although, this would be my first time with my own car...

I would be afraid that some moron would just smash into my "baby". I would be interested though in seeing how the T5 would respond upon exiting and on the straightaways...!


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You know, if any of you are in/around Southeast Michigan, the Shelby Club here hosts a few track events every summer that we attend. I think we're doing the June 3 "Driver's School" event at Waterford Hills in Clarkson/Waterford, MI, as well as the July 29 event (Hot Laps at GingerMan) in South Haven, MI.

There are usually a lot of Mustangs (obviously!), but there are many other makes/models that attend, probably 45% to 55% non-Mustangs. It's a neat crowd. P.S. In case any of you think I'm crazy enough to go out and thrash my new S60, no worries, mate. We/he will NOT be running our daily drivers at these events!

Check 'em out at http://www.saac-mcr.com/tracks/schedule.htm

We usually do the Labor Day Classic and the Harvest Happening, too. BTW, for what it's worth, GingerMan seems to be the track of choice. They tend to hire flaggers so that you get more track-time (rather than having to actually work a flag shift). We're trying to keep our eyes open for any club doing things at Mid-Ohio -- that's another track we'd like to see one of these days, but haven't yet had the chance. (Well, we were there for the World Superbike Series a few years back, but only as spectators.)

Thought I'd let you know, because I think it would be neat to see some Swedish action at any/all of these events (but I'm not crazy enough to do it in *MY* new car)!
Happy motoring...
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