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Looking for some guidance/advice on what to do with my wife's car. It is a 2012 XC70 and the front driver's side seat does not work anymore for the past several weeks. There was a small leak in the above driver's side windshield that let some water drip onto the driver's seat during a heavy rain (towards the front left side of the driver's seat). I think after that the seat didn't work based on recollections from my wife. I plugged in my Volvo ODCII reader and it showed DDM-U020800 "Lost Communication with Power Seat Module. General Failure Information. No Sub type." Based on that code, I thought I need a new power seat module for my 2012 XC70. I also checked the fuse in the fuse compartment (20a) under the glove box for the power seat and its fuse looked fine.

I got a used 30797728 Driver Seat Module from Ebay (same number as my installed part). I connected it but the seat didn't work and I still got the same code on the Volvo Reader as before. I cleaned the connectors and they all look shiny.

At this point, I'm not sure where to go. I guess I could have received a bad Ebay part but that seems unlikely. Should I purchase another used one? A new one is around $130 after shipping but if it doesn't fix the problem then I cannot return it since it's an electric piece (from what I gather reading return policies since I will be connecting it to my car).

Any thoughts. I cannot drive the vehicle as is and that's a problem.

Thank you in advance.
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