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Driver Door Open Message...Beep

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So, i finally got my boost gauge installed and everything is working great, other than the fact that I now have a message "driver door open". This message stays on even when the door is closed and I have the annoying beep going too
I back tracked everything and I have yet to discover the problem. Any ideas of what it could be??
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Re: Driver Door Open Message...Beep (B.G.)

Are you sure the door is "LATCHING" properly?

Were did you ground your boost gauge ?
I hope it is
I grounded it on a nut inside of the fuse compartment thats on the side of the dash.
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What did you use for power and ACC? Ahh wait, I see you have the cfwerks pod...like the previous poster said, are you sure the jammer is actually catching?
Im going to double check that the jammer is actually catching bc i routed it through the first little area where the hinge is, as opposed to the other area everyone else is using. That just seemed like it would be mission impossible!! As far as connections go. Im not sure why everyone made it so complex. I just grounded one wire and hooked the other up to a 12v switched...And wahlaa...Everything works fine....
Looks like the jammer is catchin and I doubt it has anything to do where i decided to route the gauge wire....hmmm, are there any sensors or anything that have to match up??
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