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Drive-E engine using a quart of oil every 1000 miles; I'm 2.5 hrs from the closest dealer

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The title says it all really. In 2017, I bought a 15.5 V60 with 32k miles. When I lived in a big city that had several dealers, I had the dealer replace the spark plugs under warranty right away. Aside from the spark plugs and door latch recall, the car has been trouble-free. I have changed the oil using synthetic ACEA A5/B5 oil and genuine Volvo oil filters every 8k miles or so. The car only gets premium fuel. Everything has been done by the book. Now, at 85k miles, I am going through at least a quart of oil every 1000 miles.

I moved to a different state, work from home and don't log many miles now, but that may change next year. I can keep the oil filled up, but with this rate of consumption, it's only a matter of time before it fouls the catalytic converter.

How much good will, if any, could a 3-time Volvo owner such as myself expect from Volvo NA on this? How am I supposed to get them involved when the closest dealer is 2.5 hrs away. I don't have time to drive 5 hrs on a regular basis for the dealer to monitor my oil consumption. Would Volvo NA ever work with a 3rd party shop on something like this?

Has anyone had success reducing consumption by replacing the breather box (Volvo PN 31430923)?

Has anyone paid out of pocket for just new piston rings at an independent shop?
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I'm in the same boat as many others. Purchased 2nd hand T5 (5cyl) V60cc with only 49k, all previous service including 50k done by Volvo dealer. Interestingly I noticed my local dealer includes in the oil change service "INSTALL OIL CONSUMPTION INHIBITOR COMPLETE INSPECTION ". I'm planning to do oil changes every 5k and taking it to the dealer every other oil service. Maybe I'll luck out
"Oil consumption inhibitor"??

Do tell...
I haven't had the dealer service done yet but will ask when I do. I'm guessing they're just using BG engine flush/conditioner products or something similar. I thought it was curious they included that in the oil service description.
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