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Drive-E engine using a quart of oil every 1000 miles; I'm 2.5 hrs from the closest dealer

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The title says it all really. In 2017, I bought a 15.5 V60 with 32k miles. When I lived in a big city that had several dealers, I had the dealer replace the spark plugs under warranty right away. Aside from the spark plugs and door latch recall, the car has been trouble-free. I have changed the oil using synthetic ACEA A5/B5 oil and genuine Volvo oil filters every 8k miles or so. The car only gets premium fuel. Everything has been done by the book. Now, at 85k miles, I am going through at least a quart of oil every 1000 miles.

I moved to a different state, work from home and don't log many miles now, but that may change next year. I can keep the oil filled up, but with this rate of consumption, it's only a matter of time before it fouls the catalytic converter.

How much good will, if any, could a 3-time Volvo owner such as myself expect from Volvo NA on this? How am I supposed to get them involved when the closest dealer is 2.5 hrs away. I don't have time to drive 5 hrs on a regular basis for the dealer to monitor my oil consumption. Would Volvo NA ever work with a 3rd party shop on something like this?

Has anyone had success reducing consumption by replacing the breather box (Volvo PN 31430923)?

Has anyone paid out of pocket for just new piston rings at an independent shop?
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Has anyone paid out of pocket for just new piston rings at an independent shop?
Unfortunately, you're in tough spot with this car. There's no getting around a few 2.5 hr drives to your dealer and yeah, they're not going to work with a local mechanic to get your car fixed. Good or bad, your dealer has probably done a few of these so I wouldn't trust it to any indie shop. I wouldn't expect a lot of goodwill from Volvo (or any) as I'm guessing you don't service the car with them. I don't know how much just owning a few Volvo's counts towards goodwill - probably not much.
The Mazdas were really impressive, but my wife thought the CX-9 was too big and I think the CX-5 is too small, so no agreement there. Too bad they don't make a CX-7 anymore. The Mazdas handle really well for what they are. We need to go find a lightly used X3 and a well-optioned Forester to drive before we make a final decision, but so far, driving the competition has made me appreciate my V60 a bit more. I'd love to go SPA XC60, but with no dealer around, I'm not sure that's such a wise idea.
I've had a couple of CX-9's - great vehicles, a split between a smaller two row and the larger three row SUVs, but you're right, they're still a little large, at pretty much 200 inches in length, but they drive much shorter! I think I've owned just as many Mazda's as Volvo's at this point - love them.
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That's right, it needs to be on the level of Honda's Oil Dilution Class Action that affected Civics and CRVs from 2017 and 2018 - roughly one million cars, to attract a lawyer's attention.

Question - For those of you who have gotten partial goodwill for your Drive E issues does Volvo have you sign something?

I would imagine Volvo did a good enough job giving full or partial goodwill for repairs outside of the CPO covered cars.
So, I have a question regarding this oil consumption issue. About A year ago, I bought a 2016 XC60 Drive-E 2.0 that was originally should as new in late 2015. It does not have any oil consumption issues at all and runs like new with about 80,000 miles on it so far. How can I tell if the original owner had the rings replaced? I see in Carfax that the engine was serviced several times, but it does not give any details as to what the service was. I am just wondering if this is an issue that I may one day face with this car.... I absolutely love the vehicle and sucks to think that I may have to deal with this down the road.
I would call or stop by your local dealer to see if they can pull up the service records on the vehicle. They should be able to tell you.
This is an interesting post. We've had a 2015.5 S60 T5 AWD since new and currently has about 60k on the odo. The oil gets changed every 5,000 miles... via the Volvo 50k warranty the dealer did it every 10,000 miles but I always did it every 5,000 miles so... in short, I did it at 5k, they at 10k, back to me at 15k and so on. My impression is that they use whatever oil they have on hand... that is to say that they started w/ Pennzoil but I noted they switched over to Castrol GTX. I've stuck with the Pennzoil. I have been surprised at the oil consumption, certainly when compared to any of the other 10 vehicles we have to choose from. Does this model have a "pre-existing" issue w/ pistons/rings that VNA is keeping close to the vest? No kids here and it's the wife's commuter so ours is in perfect condition, looks like new and we're definitely into it for the long term... unless? Appreciate everyone's two cents... and thank you White T5 for posting.
Your car has the five cylinder engine so is governed by a different TJ - TJ34588.2.0-2019-04-17.indd (nhtsa.gov)

OP's car has the Drive E engine.
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