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Hi all,

About 4 weeks ago I had the LCA's and end links replaced. While the car was on the jack, my indie guy also recommended changing out the right side drive axle. A week after the trip to the garage I went to Mr. Lube and had an oil change done.

Starting a few days after the oil change I notice some spotting on my driveway (near the drivers side front tire). I've had my S40 for over 9 years and she's never left a spot on my driveway. I took the car back to Mr. Lube last night and had them pull the skid plate to find out where (what I thought) was going to be an oil leak. Nope...not Mr. Lube's fault. They allowed me into the pit and under the car. The tranny had some oil on it. After following the oil to the highest point, we noticed the oil seemed to be coming from the right side drive axle. They suggested it was the drive axle seal.

One thing I've also noticed in the last few weeks (and even my wife made a comment when she drove the car) was the humming sound. We all know the S40's are know for cupping tires (I just had mine rotated). Usually mine starts to hum around 100kph and goes away around 120kph. Well...she's now humming around 80kph and it doesn't stop. I had her a little over 140kph the other day and holly crap was it loud. It was like a constant drone. I kept looking around to see where the truck was.

I'm going to call my indie guy this morning and take the car back in for a look. I know they'll fix it without a problem. Before I go in, I was hoping for some expert advise from the forum members. If the drive axle was maybe not mounted properly, can it cause the humming sound?

Based on spotting, I'm thinking I may be down a half litre of tranny oil. Should I have them add ONLY Volvo approved tranny oil?

Is there anything else I should know or ask before I take her back in?

Thanks all for your valued help.
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