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Drink holder??

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I ended up with a silver on black base model (but I did get the 17" tethys wheels..that was a challenge with the dealer) At any rate, I have a cubbyhole to left of my stereo head-unit. I could swear that somewhere I saw a drink holder that fits there. Anyone know if this is an accessory or??

I had to pull out the two existing drink holders in the center console to install my hands-free kit...and that's why this is an issue for me
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Here ya go! This is the neat little cupholder that you are talking about right? It is an accessory for sure and can be installed at your local dealer in a few minutes!

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Yeah, it looks like it can be just dropped in, but I guess that is not the case. I would never have guessed that it would take an hour to install. It looks like easily integrated components. Go figure!
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