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Don't lose your remotes!

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(Oops! I posted this originally to the "old S70" forum. I'm reposting here, where it belongs, although the same caveat applies to S70s.)

I just replaced two failing remotes for our '97 850. I was shocked to learn that they cost $106.50 each! Volvo's markup on these silly little things must be 300 bazillion percent. Outrageous! Even the dealer agrees with me. Originally, the problem was diagnosed as a failed "lock relay." But when the dealer replaced the part, the remotes still didn't work. They went ahead and programmed two new remotes for me, without asking first. If I'd been consulted, I think I would have said "fuhgeddaboutdit." Which is what I'll do the next time these little buggers fail.
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If it's not too late (sounds like it is), check eBay. I always see 850/S70 remotes out there. Usually go for less than $50.00. Very easy to program yourself.
Next time you might try Ebay, Volvo remotes usually sell for about $35 each.

As far as I know, on the 850 series, the remote is programmed by putting the key in the ignition and turning the ignition on and off 5 times. Turning the ignition on for the 5th time, will enter the programming mode. During this time you press one of the remote buttons and it will program that remote into the car. If you have more than one remote (up to 3), press the botton on that remote as well, within ten seconds of programming the first remote.

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I purchased a brand new beeper on EBAY and tried your method of programming-- no luck. The original beeper still works, though.

Check the owner's manual. I'm pretty sure the exact instructions are in there.
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