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Re: Doing the Upgrade modifications - quick questions (jknutsen)

I would do the BSR and the Jetex exhaust. Wait on the Downpipe, RhaRdeR had detonation issues while doing dyno runs until he mixed in some 100 octane.

IwantaS60R and my buddy are running BSR with DP with no problems, but we have 98RON (94 octane) over here and Iwanta is running a 96 octane mixture.

Someone is insisting that BSR is working on a stage 3 tune for their PPC, but until they get their DP worked out, I'm not buying it. Word is they won't sell Stage 3 until they have a complete kit to sell. Not going to do tuning off someone else's DP product.

Have to admit, the BSR is amazing. 1/2 second off 0-60 and 1/4 mile times with the push of a button, and it is so smooth.
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