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Does anyone know if our Volvo has different muffler for Gasoline and Diesel engines?


I own a diesel XC60(MY2016) and I know most of you guys are not familiar with Diesel Volvo's. But this is the only community I my get answers for these technical kinds of questions. :(

I'm trying to gain some hp from my D4204T14 engine and I've been searching for diesel performance exhaust for my car but I couldn't find any..:eek:
So I was thinking of replacing my muffler to performance muffler(exhaust back box or whatever it's called) which is built for gasoline XC60 as we have the same 4 cyl engine(VEA's). Do you guys think this will work out? Will there be pros and cons?
FYI, I don't expect the better exhaust sound.
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